"To conquer oneself is to conquer the whole world."

Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport that contributes to the formation of hardworking, organized, ambitious, and tolerant individuals. The foundation of all achievements is laid daily in the gym. Championship titles are a logical culmination of invested effort and perseverance.

The main goal of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club "Levski-Triaditsa" is to create a positive and creative environment supporting the athletes in all their endeavors. The club's successes result from our efforts to create conditions for more children to experience this beautiful sport. Not every child will become a champion, but engagement in rhythmic gymnastics leaves a lasting impression on every girl. Graceful movements, alert gaze, appreciation for beauty, and the desire to overcome difficulties are just a small part of the "gifts" that every gymnast will carry for a lifetime.

The time in which today's children grow and develop poses significant challenges for sports clubs. The talent, ambition, and diligence of coaches are not sufficient to compensate for the growing needs to support an elite rhythmic gymnastics club.

In their effort to support the club, our athletes and coaches willingly participate in various advertising campaigns, promotions, and charitable actions.

To achieve its goals, the Rhythmic Gymnastics Club "Levski-Triaditsa" needs serious financial support for:

- Maintenance of the material base - utilities, consumables, repairs
- Provision of training processes - salaries, equipment, apparatus, audio and video equipment
- Participation in international and national competitions – transportation, accommodation, participation fees
- Rehabilitation - physical, medical, swimming

The club expresses gratitude to its donors:

- Printworks "Rakurs"
- Company "Barsa"
- Company "Nikmar"
- Company "Euroterm" Ltd. – wholesale fabrics and lace
- Company "AIMG" Ltd.
- Company “Ekobuлtek” Ltd.
- Company “Eco Bul Park” Ltd. - concrete products
- Ltd. "Ristincho 2"
- Foundation "Sport without Borders" – supporting Boriana Kalen
- Petar Kirilov - photographer
- Veselin Veselinov – photographer
- Yavor Radichev – web design
- Parental association

Every support you provide helps in the development and realization of the talents of our children.

Bank: OBB AD

IBAN: BG69UBBS84231011018214


The Rhythmic Gymnastics Club "Levski-Triaditsa" received funding through the following programs:

- Donor-advertising campaign by "Carpetmax" Company - 2010
- Program for the development of physical education and sports in Sofia Municipality – 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2022, 2023
- “Sport Talents” program by Eurofootball and FGI – supporting Sara Staykova for 2013, Boriana Kalen for 2015, 2016, Madlen Radukanova for 2016, Mila Yanakieva for 2018

Subject prizes for the National Club Championship 2024 were provided by:

- SLS and Freddy sports equipment
- Confectionery "Markrit"
- Publishing house "Knigomania"
- Elastic products for rehabilitation and training by Tera Band

The Team-Club Tournament "Levski-Triaditsa Cup" in 2011 was realized thanks to:

- Sofia Municipal Council for DMSHT
- Foundation "Sport without Borders"
- Company "Valani" with the product – wheat sticks "Zayo Bayo"
- Company "Quadrant Beverages" with products – juice "Prisan" and natural mineral water "Danya"
- Orthodontic clinic "Valor"
- Printworks "Rakurs"
- Company "Delfina"
- "Elia Cafe"
- Confectionery "Daiski"
- "Bulgaria Air"
- "UniCredit Bulbank"
- Company "Kosmos"
- Publishing house "Arts"
- Ilchevi family