Coach Sources
Valentina Ganeva BNRBTV
Mariana Pischalova TrudBNR
Maria Kancheva BNRFacebookBNR
Mariana Pamukova BNRBNTFacebookBNTVbox7Haskovo
Miroslava Bataklieva Life.dirMPES

National Athletes

Athlete Sources
Boryana Kaleyn


Madlen Radukanova TribuneSportal.bgBTVBNRLadyzoneGong.bgBlitz.bgBNT
Laura Traats BTV NoviniteDarik NewsDNews.bgSportal.bgLadyzoneGong.bgBlitz.bgBNT Video
Madlen and Laura Standartnews24chasaTrudBTV
Boryana, Laura, and Madlen (
Athletes/Events Links
Boriana, Laura, and Madlen Levski Triaditsa Overwhelms with Love as Three Golden Graces
Vaya Draganova, Biliana Vezirska, Elena Georgieva New Ensemble Talks About Goals and Dreams
  Vaya Draganova with Fourth and Three Sixth Places in Budapest
  BNT Interview with Vaya Draganova
  Sportal News about Vaya Draganova
  News and Articles about Vaya Draganova on
Biliana Pisova Article about Biliana Pisova
Biliana Vezirska, Biliana Pisova, Vaya Draganova, Maria Spasova BGN Radio Coverage of the Ensemble's Success Article about the Ensemble Winning Bronze in Moscow Article about the Ensemble's Success in Budapest Article about Zen Meditation and Japanese Calligraphy Lessons for the Ensemble in Japan
On the Big Podium - Achievements in Various Competitions World Championships 2021 - Boriana Kalein Fourth in All-Around
  Tokyo 2020 Olympics - Historical Bulgarian Ensemble Wins Gold
  Tokyo 2020 Olympics - Wonderful Presentation, Boriana Kalein in Top 5
  European Championships 2021 - Silver for Boriana Kalein
  European Championships 2021 - Golden Bulgarian Ensemble
  European Championships 2020 - Sportal News
  World Championships 2019 - Silver for the Ensemble
  World Championships 2019 - Dazzling Boriana Kalein, Bulgaria in World Elite of Gymnastics
  European Games 2019 - Three Medals for the Ensemble
  European Championships 2019 - Bronze for Boriana Kalein
  World Championships 2018 - Boriana Kalein Can't Believe We Are Silver Medalists
  World Championships 2018 - Bronze for the Ensemble and Tokyo 2020 Quota
  European Championships 2018 - Sportal News
  World Championships 2017 - 168 Hours Article
  European Championships 2017 - Bronze for Bulgaria
  World Championships 2015 - Iliana Raeva's Statement
  European Championships 2015 - Article
  Youth Olympic Games 2014 - Site Overview
  European Championships 2014 - BNR Post
  European Championships 2013 - BNR Post
  Olympic Games 2012 - Novinite Article
  World Championships 2011 - Sportal Video
  European Championships 2007 - Article
  World Championships 2002 - BTV Novinite Article
Club Events Links
Welcome from Tokyo 2020 Facebook Video: Levski Triaditsa Welcoming Event
Artwork by Nikolay Yanakiev - Nikolay Yanakiev's Pictures
Enthusiasts - New Year Greetings from Parents 2015 YouTube Video: New Year Greetings
May '15 Coverage News
Levski Triaditsa Celebrates its Own Holiday  
Support from Sofia Municipality  
Cup "Levski-Triaditsa"  

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Social Engagement Links
Accessibility for All - Open Training in South Park - Levski Triaditsa with Open Training in South Park
Sport and Learning - Article Article - Sport and Learning

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Issues and Challenges Links
BNR Post - Challenges  
BNR Post - Olympic Champions Organize Market for Club Hall Renovation  
Sportal Video - Issues