Iliana Tsaneva - coach

Born on September 09, 1983, she started playing Rhythmic Gymnastics in Levski Sports Club with Malena Trashlieva, after that which Svetla Slavova, who passed her to Valentina Ganeva, where she achieved her first great success as individual athlete. She has been a member of Levski-Triaditza since the club was founded. Her first gold medal was from the Flowers of Bulgaria - Children's Tournament. She won first gold medal outside Bulgaria in 1995 at an international tournament in Austria. Medal holder National, International tournaments and World Cups in Japan, Austria, Israel, Greece, Finland, Turkey and more.

The top achievement was a silver medal at the World Championship with the Group of Bulgaria in 2002 in New Orleans, USA

She has graduated from National Sports Academy – Sofia, Rhythmic Gymnastics Coach