Sofiya Vladeva – choreographer

Since 10 years old, she dances in Teodora Koldamova studios, and then becomes a student of the National School of Dance Arts.  After nine years of studying, she graduates in her secondary education, majoring with third degree in classical ballet. In the same year she enters with highest grade the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, majoring in Dance Theatre / the Theatre of Movement - in the Assist. Prof. Yasen Valchanov’s class. During her study she starts working as a teacher of classical ballet in various kindergartens  in Sofia city. In 2013, she receives a Bachelor degree with a highest grade and leaves to London.  After seven months there, she decides to come back, willing to continue developing the dances in Bulgaria.

Starting from 2014 - choreographer in Levski - Triadiza Rhythmic Gymnastics Club.